Click HERE for the East Village and South Village Growth Cell Housing Program Application!

The East and South Village Growth Cell Tax Increment Financing District (TIF) Housing Program is a grant program which provides up to $15,000 of assistance to property owners of single-family residential, owner occupied properties (duplexes and mixed-use structures are excluded from the program) for certain permanent building and site improvements on parcels within the boundary of the East Village Growth Cell TIF. The purpose of the Program is to increase the owner-occupancy rate, improve the outward appearance of homes, and increase the assessed valuation of properties within the East and South Village Growth Cell Boundaries.

Level of Assistance:

The East and South Village Growth Cell Housing Program will provide up to $15,000 in assistance to home
owners for the following exterior improvements only:
1. New garages
2. New Gutters
3. New Porches, steps or railings
4. Driveway and walkway (private property) improvements
5. Roof replacement
6. New siding
7. New Windows
8. New Fences
9. Painting

The program is a 50/50 matching grant program. The minimum project is $2,000, with a minimum matching grant of $1,000 and the maximum project is $30,000, with a maximum grant match of $15,000. The property owner can reapply annually, but the maximum grant for a five-year period may not exceed $15,000.