Side Lot Program
Emergency Repair Program
East Village TIF Housing Program
Dumpster Program and Neighborhood Tools
Ramp Program
Tires/Television Recycling and Yard Waste
Great American Cleanup

Roof Program

Program Requirements

Must be at our below 80% of the area median income (AMI)

 Must be a homeowner for at least one year

Must have proof of homeowners insurance 

Must not owe the City any outstanding debt

Must be current on property taxes

Property cannot have any environmental code violations

The City of Peoria 2022 Roof Repair Program Lottery is open from Tuesday, January 18th at 8:00 am to Friday, February 11th at 5:00 pm.

The City of Peoria is accepting applications for the 2022 Roof Program. A total of 20 households will receive a roof replacement. Please note, submitting an application does NOT guarantee assistance.

Applications will be accepted from Tuesday, January 18th at 8:00 am to Friday, February 11th at 5:00 pm. There is a limit of one entry per household, but there is no limit to the total number of households that may enter the lottery.


Interested applicants can apply for the lottery in the following ways:

A video tutorial for the online application is also available at the link below. For additional questions, please call 309-494-8600 or email

The lottery drawing will be held virtually on Tuesday, February 15th at 10:00 am and can be viewed at:

All applicants will be contacted by City staff in the days following the drawing.  The list of selected households, as well as the waitlist, will be posted at (scroll down to “Home Rehabilitation Programs,” then “Roof Program”).

Applicants must meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must live in the City of Peoria.
  • Must have owned home for at least one year.
  • Must be current on mortgage payments OR have no mortgage on the property.
  • Must be current on property taxes.
  • Must have an active homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • Must not owe any debt to the City of Peoria (i.e. unpaid fines, fees, tickets, etc.).
  • Selected households must go through an inspection and meet all property codes.
  • The following properties are ineligible for the Roof Repair Program:
    • Households that have received Emergency Repair or Roof Repair assistance from the City of Peoria within the last five years
    • Rental properties
    • Properties being purchased contract for deed
  • Total household income must be at or below the following limits:
    • 1 person household: $42,750
    • 2 person household: $48,850
    • 3 person household: $54,950
    • 4 person household: $61,050
    • 5 person household: $65,950
    • 6 person household: $70,850
    • 7 person household: $75,750
    • 8 person household: $80,600


For questions, please contact the Development Center at (309) 494-8600 or

Side Lot Program

By taking a smart, strategic, citizen based approach in developing our community, the Side Lot Program is improving the quality of life in Peoria’s neighborhoods.

This program specifically addresses vacant, City-owned lots in areas of the City lacking the density or demand required for a land bank or market based solution.

The Side Lot Program is now open to adjacent land owners next to an available, City-owned vacant lot. Make your property larger without high costs. Submit your application today!

To submit an application or for any inquiries about the Side Lot Program, please contact Land Development Manager Matt Smith at or 309-494-8622.

Click HERE for the Side Lot Application – Owner Occupied
Click HERE for the Side Lot Application – Non-Owner Occupied

Dumpster Program and Neighborhood Tools

The Appreciate Peoria Neighborhood Toolkits are available to anyone looking to build their community through hosting a neighborhood cleanup, creating a neighborhood association, or having a block party. Select the links below for a step-by-step guide to making your neighborhood cleaner, stronger, and more fun!

2021 Dumpster Program

The 2021 Dumpster Program is open from April 10th- November 6th. 

 Tires/Television Recycling and Yard Waste

Looking to get rid of tires, TV’s, yard waste, or just a whole lot of stuff? Look no further than Although the City of Peoria does not currently offer recycling for tires or TV’s, you can find a list of resources and disposal programs found throughout Peoria for TV and tire recycling, off-season yard waste disposal, and the City-County landfill.

Contact Joe Dulin at 309.494-8631 or with any questions.

Emergency Repair Program

This program helps income-qualified homeowners replace broken water heaters and furnaces.

Program Requirements

Must have current homeowners insurance

Must be current on property taxes

Must have no outstanding code violations

Must meet HUD income guidelines

Click HERE to Apply for the Emergency Repair Program Application

Contact Community Service Inspector Justin Mishler at 309-494-8652 or for more information.

Great American Cleanup

The 2021 Great American Cleanup is scheduled to occur in the City of Peoria on Saturday, April 24th.  The event provides an opportunity to continue to build a sense of community pride and stewardship in our neighborhoods by eliminating blight and kicking off the Spring with a big cleanup event.

This event is hosted in partnership with Keep Peoria Beautiful, a local non-profit that works to improve the environment of the Peoria area through beautification, litter prevention, waste reduction, recycling, and education. Keep Peoria Beautiful supplies neighborhood associations, HOA’s, and community groups participating in the Great American Clean up with FREE trash bags, yard waste bags, and gloves. 

The city of Peoria provides 20 neighborhood cleanup dumpsters (trash and yard waste!) to neighborhood associations to kick of the Spring season. Neighborhood associations may choose between one trash or one yard waste dumpster. Neighborhood associations may request volunteers from Dream Center Peoria, as well.

Ramp Program

Program Requirements

 Must be a homeowner for at least one year

Must have proof of homeowners insurance 

Must not owe the City any outstanding debt

Must be current on property taxes

Resident must require ramp accommodation

Click HERE to Apply for the Ramp Program Application

Contact Grants Coordinator Ben Krokum at 309-370-4775  or for more information.

East Village Growth Cell TIF Housing Program

The East Village Growth Cell Tax Increment Financing District (TIF) Housing Program is a grant program that provides up to $15,000 of assistance to property owners of single-family residential properties for certain permanent building and site improvements on parcels within the boundary of the East Village Growth Cell TIF. The purpose of the Program is to increase the owner-occupancy rate, improve the outward appearance of homes, and increase the assessed valuation of properties within the East Village Growth Cell Boundaries. For all questions, contact Abigail Youngblood at

For a copy of the application, select Apply Now below.

Property must be located within the boundary of the East Village Growth Cell 

Applicant must own the property.

Owners of non-owner occupied single-family residential property are eligible