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2018 Great American Clean Up

The 2018 Great American Cleanup is scheduled to occur in the City of Peoria on Saturday, April 28th. This event provides an opportunity to build a sense of community pride and stewardship in our neighborhoods by eliminating blight. In support of this effort, the City of Peoria Community Development Department, along with Keep Peoria Beautiful, [...]

Code Enforcement Staff Attend Averyville Neighborhood Meeting

                                  On Wednesday, January 3rd, Code Enforcement Supervisor Ashley Elias and Assistant Community Development Director Joe Dulin attended the Averyville Neighborhood Association meeting.  They discussed multiple topics such as code regulations, neighborhood programs and the Peoria Cares process.  If [...]

East Bluff Good Job Sweep (Nov. 27 & 28)

On November 27 & 28, Community Development inspectors completed another sweep of the East Bluff neighborhoods. In recognition of houses with exemplary lawn maintenance, inspectors hung "Good Job!" door hangers to the well-deserving residents who maintain a healthy and beautiful environment around their home.