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A Reminder to Pick Up Litter and After Your Pet

The Community Development Department encourages the residents of Peoria to be good neighbors. As good neighbors, we agree on certain standards that allow all residents to enjoy our homes, maintain property values, and preserve peace in our neighborhoods. What follows are common complaints received through Peoria Cares reports. A common complaint, not as as visible [...]

CD Staff Visit West Central Neighborhood Association

On Thursday, February 9th, Code Enforcement Supervisor Ashley Elias and Assistant Community Development Director Joe Dulin were invite to attend the West Central Neighborhood Association meeting by Association President Lauren Opper.  They discussed multiple topics such as code regulations, neighborhood programs and the Peoria Cares process. If you are interested in having staff representatives from [...]

PCCEO To Host JIMAX Job Fair on February 19th

The Code Enforcement Division of the Community Development Department works tirelessly to remove blight from neighborhoods, maintain property values, and bolster public safety efforts. Each year, the Code Enforcement Division issues over 5,000 work orders on private property to cut grass, trim weeds, remove trash, pick up tires, and remove debris. Code Enforcement has a contract [...]

2018 Code Enforcement Map Updates

The City of Peoria Community Development Department has updated the Neighborhood section of AppreciatePeoria.com to reflect the 2018 area assignments. Please note that the map lists areas for temporary employees. As the weather gets warmer, Code Enforcement hires temporary employees to help us stay on top of the tall grass and environmental complaints in key [...]

City Opens Roof Program Lottery

Starting Wednesday, February 21st-Wednesday, March 7, 2018, the City of Peoria will be taking applications for the 2018 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Roof Program. This annual program is to assist low income homeowners unable to afford needed roof repairs. There are 20 available openings for the roof program this year. Interested applicants may come to [...]

2018 Great American Clean Up

The 2018 Great American Cleanup is scheduled to occur in the City of Peoria on Saturday, April 28th. This event provides an opportunity to build a sense of community pride and stewardship in our neighborhoods by eliminating blight. In support of this effort, the City of Peoria Community Development Department, along with Keep Peoria Beautiful, [...]

2018 CDBG Application Training Session

The City of Peoria Grants Division held two application training sessions for 2018 grantees of the CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Public Service Grant. The information discussed at the meeting ensures that each organization representative is knowledgeable of the requirements for submitting their quarterly reports. The CDBG Public Service Grant is federally funded through HUD. [...]

New Code Violation Notification System for Property Owners

The City of Peoria Community Development Department has launched a new Code Enforcement notification system for property owners. Property owners who sign up for the notification system will be notified via text message and/or email the same day an ABATE or work order has been issued at their property. To sign up for the notification [...]

IL American Water Offers Tips to Prevent Frozen Meters and Pipes

Illinois American Water reminds homeowners that now is the time to safeguard their home plumbing to prevent water damage from frozen and burst pipes. Tips also address frozen water meters, which can bring costly plumbing repairs and replacement fees along with headaches and unexpected expense for homeowners. “We want to remind customers that sub-freezing temperatures [...]

The Last Litter Cleanup of 2017

On Thursday, December 21st, the City of Peoria Community Development Department volunteered to participate in one last organized 2017 litter cleanup. The cleanup event was focused around Knoxville and Nebraska. The Community Development Department is committed to reducing the amount of litter and debris throughout the City of Peoria by hosting multiple clean up events [...]