On Saturday the 23rd, the Community Development Department participated in the Great American Clean Up!  Many of our staff members joined about 20 Neighborhood Associations across Peoria to pick up litter and beautify our community.  Thank you to everyone that participated, including our staff members, neighborhood leaders, residents, and volunteers.

While it is important to maintain clean and healthy neighborhoods all year long, this nationwide cleanup effort is an opportunity to show appreciation for your neighborhood and gives us all more reasons to appreciate Peoria.

If you were not able to participate, we have dumpsters available for future clean ups.  To request a dumpster for your neighborhood cleanup, please contact Neighborhood Enhancement Coordinator Kaylee Drea at kdrea@peoriagov.org or by calling 309-494-8624.

In addition, with Spring upon us, the grass is starting to grow.  Staff will be proactively trying to address property where the grass is not getting cut, but we appreciate all the extra help we can get!  If you notice an issue in your neighborhood with tall grass, please reach out to us through Peoria Cares by calling 309-494-2273 (CARE) or online at http://www.peoriagov.org/peoria-cares-ureport/. In the report, please put if it is a public vacant lot that you believe is owned by the City of Peoria or the Peoria County Trustee (these issues go to Public Works) or if the lot is privately owned(these issues go to the Community Development Department).

Once again, thank you to those that work towards creating and maintaining a healthier and more positive Peoria. The Community Development Department appreciates Peoria for all the wonderful residents and advocates who work hard to improve their neighborhoods and dedicate themselves to improving their community.