On May 11th, 2021, the Peoria City Council approved the creation of the City of Peoria Land Bank which will operate as a Division of the city of Peoria Community Development Department. A Land Bank Board, comprised of elected leaders, city officials and community stakeholders, will create a strategy to oversee the work and direction of the Land Bank.

The following board positions are open for the public to apply:
• A representative from the Real Estate Community who is a city of Peoria resident and has an active real estate license in the State of Illinois.
• Two representatives from city of Peoria neighborhoods who represent neighborhood interests. Neighborhood representatives must live in the city of Peoria.

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit this application to the Mayor’s Office located at 419 Fulton Street, Room 207, Peoria, Illinois 61602, or by emailing mking@peoriagov.org. Applications will be reviewed and evaluated starting Monday, May 24th. Positions will be open until filled.

“The City of Peoria Land Bank is a new tool that will put additional focus on vacant and abandoned property in the city of Peoria with no initial start up costs for the residents. We are looking for a diverse group of community stakeholders for the open Board positions who are committed to finding equitable solutions for all residents of Peoria,” said Mayor Rita Ali, who will make her recommendations to the City Council after reviewing the submitted applications.

The Land Bank Board responsibilities include: ensuring that all operations, including contractual matters, are conducted free from any political interference, ensuring efficiency in service delivery and sound fiscal management of all aspects of the Land Bank, and ensuring all money specifically earmarked for the Land Bank is spent in relation to the duties of the Land Bank.

For more information on the City of Peoria Land Bank or other programs offered by the City of Peoria Community Development Department, please contact Assistant Community Development Director, Joe Dulin at jdulin@peoriagov.org or visit AppreciatePeoria.com.

For background on the City of Peoria Land Bank, please view this powerpoint: Land Bank Presentation.