The city of Peoria Community Development Department handled nearly twice the number of Peoria Cares cases last month compared to one year ago. In May 2020, Community Development staff addressed 1,409 complaints from residents through Peoria Cares.

Year Number of Complaints
2015 208
2016 453
2017 416
2018 444
2019 832
2020 1,409

Residents can report issues from tall grass, potholes, litter, tires, and more to Peoria Cares through the Peoria Cares app available for Apple and Android phones, filing a report at, or calling Peoria Cares at (309) 494-2273 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM.

Peoria Cares is essential to the work completed by the Community Development Department.  Community Development works to educate residents on the importance of maintaining their properties through informational material and outreach events to educate and remind property owners of the importance of cutting grass, picking up litter, and removing garbage and car parts from properties.

The Community Development Department thanks neighborhood residents for their dedication to improving their neighborhoods and informing the City of Peoria about issues in their communities.