Last week, Council Members Moore and Riggenbach hosted our first set of Community Revitalization planning meetings in the East Bluff, Near Northside, and Near Southside, with lots of great input.  These meetings are part of the City’s partnership with the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) to create a strategy for housing everyone can afford, including other issues such as mobility, community life, economy, education and wellness.  Approximately 75 participants discussed the results of “Needs Assessment” surveys, which included over 504 respondents.  Additional feedback was also given, which will be further-discussed at a second set of meetings in the fall.  At the second set of meetings, results of a “Housing Needs” assessment will be added to the conversation.  Community members will also be invited to workshop ideas for an overall revitalization strategy.

Before IHDA returns in the fall, the Southside will see discussion and development of: a MacArthur Highway Corridor plan, an implementation plan for the South Village, a future plan for the Western Avenue Corridor, and a future development scenario for the Southern Gateway.  For these, separate architectural services were hired.  Everyone will be invited to those as well.

Additionally, here are links to housing assistance information and other products offered by IHDA, that they’ve asked us to share:

Watch for more announcements to stay involved!