From July 8th-July 13th, the Community Development Department celebrated Great Neighbor Appreciation Week with events throughout our community expressing thanks to those who go above and beyond in making their neighborhood a place to appreciate.  Based on attendance and interaction at various events, staff was able to personally say “thank you” for being a great neighbor to over 500 separate residents and properties.  (In addition to the media coverage, social media interaction and other various public events.)  Photos from the event can be found on our Instagram @AppreciatePeoria and at our website

Below is a recap of each event and attached are some photos of the events.

On Monday, July 8th, Community Development staff showed their appreciation for property owners who go above and beyond in maintaining their properties by recognizing them with Good Job Door Hangers. Enforcing the property maintenance code is a vital part of promoting community health and public safety. This event highlights the Community Development Department’s dedication to code encouragement over code enforcement.  Staff was able to recognize about 250 residential properties throughout Peoria for their great work on their properties.

On Tuesday, July 9th, in partnership with the Lunchtime Litter Collectors, Community Development staff hosted a cleanup along West Main Street. The Community Development Department encourages residents to organize cleanups throughout the year and supports community efforts by providing gloves, bags, trash pickers, and dumpsters.

On Wednesday, July 10th, Community Development Staff held a booth at Northwoods Mall and asked residents and visitors how they appreciate Peoria. The responses will be included in a public art display later this year.

On Thursday, July 11th, Community Development hosted Cookies with Community Development events throughout seven different neighborhoods. These events were focused on outreach, education, and providing an opportunity for residents to get to know more about everything Community Development does throughout the City.

On Frida, July 12th, Community Development selected a small sample of small and locally owned businesses to appreciate with a handwritten note of thanks and an Appreciate Peoria business window cling. Small and locally owned businesses navigate our local, state, and federal bureaucracies to add value to their neighborhoods and to the community at-large. While the list of businesses deserving a thank you is endless, appreciating a selection of local businesses was a small way to show gratitude.

On Saturday, July 13th, Community Development staff held a booth at the Peoria Riverfront Farmer’s Market from 8:00 AM- Noon. Staff asked residents and visitors alike to share how they appreciate Peoria on a postcard that will be included in a public art display later this year.

We received some great feedback about our events.  Below are a few notes we received in Peoria Cares:

“I love what your staff is going this week with the Neighbor Appreciation stuff.  Such awesome engagement and such a great message.  Peoria will continue to thrive with great staff like yours!”

“On Saturday morning, I saw City of Peoria Community Development Department staff had a table and tent set up at the Riverfront Market.  I saw something happen that I feel I needed to share with their boss and elected officials.  A mother and a child were visiting the table and the child got sick and vomited everywhere.  Your staff handled it is so nicely.  You could see the mother and kid were very upset and City staff comforted them, got them ice and water, helped them clean up the vomit and just handled it so nicely.  I know times in our society people give government workers a hard time but your staff that was working weren’t upset, they were incredibly and compassionate about what happened.  You could tell the mom was embarrassed and scared about what happened and your staff didn’t make a big deal out of it, they were just fantastic.  They made a bad situation, great for everyone involved.  As a grandparent with multiple grand children, I am glad to know that people exist who are so helpful and loving.  Just great job by all those involved.”

“Thank you to the Code Enforcement staff and supervisor for the work they do. I saw a lot of good publicity for your week last week and I just thought it was a fantastic idea. I have had to deal with Ashley and Jamie in the past and both have been fantastic. I think we have a new inspector in the East Bluff with Antoine left and I am sure she will keep up the great work. Our area on Indiana looks better than it ever has.”

“Great series of events, I’m super into what you all are doing regarding outreach!”

In addition to the comments above, we had extensive media coverage of the week: