April showers bring… building safety month! In May, the international code council celebrates building safety month to raise awareness about the importance of modern and regularly-updated building codes. The month is dedicated to informing families, businesses, and individuals about the importance of safe and sustainable structures.

The City of Peoria Community Development Department is excited for Building Safety Month, as it is a time to promote awareness surrounding safe practices in fires, floods, and storms. This campaign also provides a wonderful opportunity to applaud the hard work of the City of Peoria Building Safety Division. Our Building Safety team dedicates their time to sustaining the safety of the spaces citizens use every day for living, working, and playing.

Each week of the month is themed to focus on a different aspect of building safety. Citizens are encouraged to familiarize themselves with each weekly theme to be up to date about best practices for protecting their family and property shall an emergency occur. Please click the links below for more information.

Week 1: Tornado Safety and Recovery

Week 2: The Importance of Building Safety Professionals

Week 3: Pool and Spa Safety

Week 4: Benefits of Permits

Week 5: Building Green