Congratulations to our Neighborhood Reception Award Winners! Thank you for your commitment in improving the Peoria community.

Ted Bannon “Brick” Award- Molly Cadigan

Molly is someone who goes out of her way to help improve our city. She tirelessly picks up litter and waste in her extended neighborhood. She has given instruction to Franklin School students about litter pickup and social responsibility. She fought hard to maintain green space at the Franklin School parking lot at the corner of Columbia Terrace and Bestor. Although she wasn’t satisfied with the eventual outcome of the space development in 2018, her commitment to and vocal advocacy of maintaining green space and an educational environment for students had a positive effect on the final layout of the lot.

Business Award- Jimax Corp.

The recipient of 2018 Business Award is Jimax Corp – JIMAX is a Peoria based General Contractor located in the Southside of Peoria and specialize in demolition, tree removal, landscaping, emergency demolition, lawn care, and more.  When the Tireless Project needed a new leader and organizer, Jimax stepped up to volunteer and lead the Tireless Peoria program, collecting hundreds of tires every month during the spring, summer, and fall and transports these tires for recycling. They work with Habitat for Humanity and Keep Peoria Beautiful on beautification efforts. The employees and leadership of Jimax firmly believe in the importance of giving back to the communities where they live and work. Jimax firmly believes that a positive and forward-thinking attitude is critical in creating a more positive experience for the citizens of Peoria.

Richard “Fuzzy” Lens Award- Faw Lane

When people meet Faw Lane at a neighborhood meeting, they are immediately blown away with how involved he is, and they see that he’s incredibly beneficial to the neighborhood that he’s in. He contributes to meetings when needed, and often sits back to listen to the conversation. He has been a major asset to the Tireless project, and he is known for his efforts to eliminate litter in the city. Many of his association members can only think of one time in the past couple of years that he wasn’t able to attend a meeting. He’s not the kind of person to seek recognition. His passion shows that he truly cares about the community he resides in, and the city.

Grass Roots Award- Chama St. Louis, Carol Cannon, The Monday Gatherings

Many people believe that Chama St. Louis must have an identical twin. Or maybe two of them. People’s jaws literally drop in awe of the time, energy, and resources she puts into creating positive change in Peoria. She inspires many with her dedication to justice and standing up to speak the truth, often when it meant making herself uncomfortable or vulnerable to criticism. She has no problem taking the lead when it is necessary, but she is also adept at using her power to lift marginalized voices around her. This is the hallmark of a true servant leader.  To name just a few of her current projects, Chama currently serves on the board of the East Bluff Community Center, is co-founder of the Black Justice Project and organized and lead an effort that knocked on over 12,000 doors in the most recent political election which helped to increase voter participation by 26% in Peoria’s Core neighborhoods.

Carl Cannon is acknowledged as one of the great leaders in Central Illinois. Over 1,200 young people have gone through the ELITE High School program in the past 11 years. ELITE Re-entry had graduated 130 men and women. Its recidivism rate is under 10%. The ELITE K-8 program has continued to help turn around discipline issues since 2012. Many people have witnessed how all aspects of the ELITE program has positively impacted lives. Each time an ex-offender successfully re-integrates into the community, we all win. Each time a kid returns to school (or home) with a bright attitude, we all win. And Carl Cannon plays a big part in these moments.

The Monday Gathering, hosted by Sherry Cannon and Lynn Scott Pearson at the Ward Gospel Church meets weekly on Monday mornings. They bring people together and share information for better cooperation among people and organizations in Peoria. They look to break down barriers, and ultimately to help create a stronger city. Their mission is “to inform and be informed about issues impacting our community.” The Monday Gathering succeeds in their mission every week, often discussing topics of importance to Peoria and making connections to provide solutions.

Youth Award- Jay Pearson

Jay “Lil Jay” Pearson is a rising star in the City of Peoria. He is a leader in his 4th grade class at Hines in word and deed. Anytime he goes to community meetings or events, he is the first to help serve in any way. He is especially known for his bright smile and positive energy at P-Town Soup Events. He’s a Boy Scout, he loves doing science projects, and he loves playing video games. He has a heart for his family, and is a caregiver for any family member that is sick. He asks many of them if he can prepare food for them, or get a drink. Talking to Lil Jay will be the highlight of your day.

Mayor’s Award- Lueshand Nunn

The best evidence of the impact Lueshand has had in the City of Peoria and specifically the East Bluff is that over 43 individuals nominated her to receive the 2018 Mayor’s Award.  Lueshand volunteers countless hours to help anyone in need of help that she comes across.  This includes providing bus passes to resident’s can get to work, connecting residents to job opportunities, encouraging homeownership in the East Bluff, helps residents complete rental applications, works to connect people to financial education and works to create trust between the City of Peoria Police Department and neighborhood residents.  Lueshand also serves as a mentor to countless young adults and teenagers.  She founded the East Bluff Lawn Order Program which provides job training and job opportunities for youth and also works to beautify the neighborhood.  Lueshand serves as President of the EBNHS and works to lead by example.  She is compassionate and friendly yet works to hold people accountable when necessary.  Lueshand is a pillar for the East Bluff Community and the City of Peoria.