Peoria City Council made changes to the Peoria Municipal Code related to the registration of residential property. Under the new ordinance, a property can receive a discounted registration rate of $75.00 without needing to attend the annual landlord training. A person qualifies if:

  1. The land owner does not owe the City of Peoria any outstanding funds for any reason, including but not limited to fines, fess, city utility bills and back taxes. This does not include special service payments, current economic development loans, mortgages and other similar payments.
  2. The land owner did not received a judgement or default related to a Chapter 5 code violation via the City of Peoria Hearing Officer within the previous calendar year.
  3. Any judgement entered in Circuit or Federal Court in a suit brought fourth by the City of Peoria

If the property owner does not meet those conditions, the property owner will be required to attend the annual landlord training (Tuesday, February 19th) to receive a discounted rate of $125.00 per property. If the property owner does not attend the training, they will be required to pay $250.00 per property.