The Community Development Department asked its staff: “What do you love about your neighborhood?” One response from Code Enforcement officer Antonio Mables stood out. Read his response below:

What I love about the East Bluff:
One of the things I love about my neighborhood is the diversity of cultures within it. I have had the opportunity to meet people of all races, ethnicities, and nationalities while working in the East Bluff. There isn’t much activity with old man winter currently bearing down on us, but on a cool summer day the East Bluff is like none other.

From kids working on their jump shot shouting “Curry” or “Lebron” to families gathering at a loved one’s house for laughs and a stroll down memory lane, there is always something to see. On the sidewalks you will find teenage lovers from Peoria High strolling hand in hand, to the elderly walking their squirrel-focused dogs near Glen Oak Park.

Though there are many cultures represented in the East Bluff, there is one thing everyone has in common. The concept of the “Porch.” The porch is not just a slab of concrete or wood to store grandpa’s old rocking chair or even a way to get rid of the plant you received as a gift. The porch is a meeting place. a place of conversation and exchange. It is a transitional point between being a stranger to becoming a good neighbor. The porch serves as a watchtower for parents to look as their toddler stands back up after being knocked over by the dog. It is a place to sit and eat elote covered in paprika or an uncle’s “World’s Most Famous Ribs” (as he likes to call them). Words that are spoken and the activities on the porch can set the tone for a house. These tones are of happiness and joy or even of sadness. They can be felt by any passerby or newcomer. So, if you get the chance, take a ride through our neighborhood. You’ll see it all.