Beautifying our neighborhoods is an essential function of the Community Development Department.  Our Code Enforcement Division works day in and day out to preserve the quality of life of our neighborhoods, reduce blight, increase public safety and maintain property values.  We hope these initiatives build upon the success our Department has already achieved over the years.

2018 Dumpster Program

We will be continuing the Community Development Dumpster Program, which allows registered neighborhood associations, and homeowners associations to host up to two (2) cleanups between the months of April and November. PDC, Peoria Disposal Company, provides a dumpster to the neighborhood for a morning, and collects the unit in the early afternoon. Click here to download the application.

Lunchtime Litter Collectors (Season-Long)

Led by community leader, Steve Tyler, the Lunchtime Litter Collectors brings together residents, volunteers and City of Peoria staff members to pick up litter in Peoria. The purpose of this volunteer-driven group is to keep Peoria attractive, to reduce litter and to get the community involved in this city-wide beautification effort. Typically, the group meets on Monday afternoons at 12:00PM. However, in an effort to work against the summer heat, the group will meet on Wednesdays at 8:00AM. Steve Tyler displays the passion that we all need, in reference to keeping our city clean, and we’re thankful to have him as a leader for this initiative.

#PickUpPeoria Social Media Challenge

One of our brand new initiatives is the #PickUpPeoria social media challenge! It encourages citizens to pick up litter throughout the city, and make a positive impact on the environment! To enter, all you have to do is post an original photo and/or video on one of the four (4) major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or YouTube. And include the hashtag, #PickUpPeoria. Your media must convey at least one of the following messages: (1) How litter impacts your community and/or neighborhood in the City of Peoria, IL. (2) How picking up litter has a positive impact on the environment. (3) What you are doing to help prevent litter in the City of Peoria, IL. Click here for full details.

Make a Commitment

Over the next few months, we will be asking Neighborhood Associations, Businesses, Non-Profit Groups, Organizations and individual citizens to make a commitment to pick up litter over the next six months.  We will be asking groups to commit to a total of 25 hours to devote to specifically picking up litter in their neighborhoods, around their businesses and just around Peoria in general.  We will be tracking those organizations that make the pledge with a goal of a combined 1,000 hours of litter pick up in the City of Peoria.  If you are interested in making this commitment, please contact our Community Development Department Project Coordinator, Wes Springer -309-309/494-8940 (or)

100 Blocks in 100 Days

Over a 100 day period, each Code Enforcement Inspector will be walking door to door to introduce themselves to the residents of the neighborhoods of Peoria. This event is just one of the tangible efforts of “code education” and “code encouragement.”

Illegal Dumping Signs

The City of Peoria’s Community Development Department is continuing to work against illegal dumping on public and private property. The department has partnered with Donniece Hall of Pink Lion Design to create a marketing campaign discouraging illegal dumping. Large, highly visible signs will be placed in a few locations that have had major issues with unwanted trash, debris, scrapped goods, and more. Additional details and signage will be unveiled throughout the year.

Neighborhood Sweeps

Community Development, in conjunction with the Neighborhood Services Unit of the police department, has recently launched a new initiative to improve neighborhoods. Staff from both departments have begun group sweep initiatives in multiple neighborhoods across the City of Peoria, with the goal of reducing blight and improving public safety.

Trash or Treat

Finally, we are excited to bring back one of our favorite events, Trash or Treat! Each year on the Saturday before Halloween, the Community Development department teams up with neighborhood associations and non-profit groups to clean up the streets for trick-or-treaters. We want to ensure that our children are safe, that our parents are comfortable, and that our streets are clean, for what is sure to be an exciting Halloween!