On Friday, April 27, 2018, the City of Peoria’s Community Development Department conducted the second neighborhood sweep of the year in the North Valley. These sweeps focus on different neighborhoods every month in an effort to reduce blight and increase public safety and education.

The main focus of this sweep was to address environmental issues, such as litter and tall grass. Properties that are not in compliance with these environmental codes typically receive an abate notice, which allows the property owner or tenant 6 days to address the violation. If it remains after 6 days, a work order is issued to remove those violations. In addition to the environmental sweep, a housing sweep was conducted over a smaller region in the North Valley with the purpose of preserving home value and resident safety.

The best part of the day came when a Good Job Door Hanger was awarded. This hanger is a simple way that the City of Peoria and the Community Development Department display their appreciation to people that work to keep their property up to code and Peoria beautiful. The Community Development Department handed out over 30 Good Job Door Hangers. Be sure to keep your eyes open in your neighborhood for Good Job Door Hangers.