With the onset of rising temperatures, the Community Development Department is starting to receive multiple complaints for tall grass. The Community Development Department wanted to remind citizens of the requirements related to grass/ vegetation and the process used to report code violations to the City of Peoria.

Grass/Vegetation Requirements:

  • Grass and weeds cannot exceed ten inches in length. This includes growth in fence lines, around foundations, and at the alley. Often occupants cut the grass but do not eliminate all of the overgrowth.
  • If there is a privacy fence on the property, the alley side of the fence must be maintained. Tall grass decreases property values and can lead to mosquito issues.
  • All gardens must be maintained. You are allowed to have vegetation in a garden that exceeds ten inches but the garden must be maintained and cultivated.

Reporting code violations:

  • Public lots owned by the City of Peoria or Peoria County Trustee are the responsibility of the Public Works
    Department. Please report tall grass issues related to these vacant lots to the Public Works Department at
    309.494-8800 or through Peoria Cares.\
  • All complaints related to private property can be reported to the Code Enforcement Division by calling
    309.494-8654 or through Peoria Cares.
  • Complaints and concerns can be submitted through the City of Peoria Cares App that is available for iPhones
    and Androids through their respective stores. In addition, complaints can be submitted through the City of
    Peoria website, www.peoriagov.org.
  • You can now sign up for notifications when a property receives an abate notice for code violations or when
    City staff issues a work order to have the violation corrected. Please visit PeoriaCodeViolations.com for
    more information.

The Community Development Department works to reduce blight in neighborhoods, protect property values,
increase public safety, and encourage neighborhood development. Property maintenance is a simple way to
appreciate our neighborhoods and give us all more reasons to appreciate Peoria. For more information on the
Community Development Department, please visit our website at AppreciatePeoria.com

For questions related to property maintenance, please contact Code Enforcement Supervisor Ashley Elias at 309.494-8636.