Thank you to Peoria Citizens Committee for Economic Opportunity  (PCCEO)for hosting a job fair this morning at their building located at 711 W McBean.  Multiple employers participated and over 60 applicants attended.  One of the companies participating in the job fair was City of Peoria Contractor Jimax Landscaping. 

The Code Enforcement Division of the Community Development Department has a contract with Jimax Landscaping to remediate environmental code violations when owners of properties fail to do so.  The Code Enforcement Division issues over 5,000 work orders a year on private property to cut grass, trim weeds, remove trash, pick up tires and remove debris.  The efforts of the Code Enforcement Division help remove blight from neighborhoods, maintain property values and increase public safety.  JIMAX Landscaping is looking for qualified people for the following Divisions of their company: Code Enforcement, Forestry and Planter Maintenance.

In an effort to promote hiring from within the neighborhoods that a majority of the work takes place, City staff along with First District Councilwoman Denise Moore met with Jimax Landscaping and Peoria Citizens Committee for Economic Opportunity to discuss how to best promote the job opportunities.  PCCEO graciously volunteered to host a job fair and invited Jimax Landscaping and other employers to participate.   For questions about the job fair, please contact Donna Crowder (PCCEO) at 309-216-3508.