The Community Development Department encourages the residents of Peoria to be good neighbors. As good neighbors, we agree on certain standards that allow all residents to enjoy our homes, maintain property values, and preserve peace in our neighborhoods. What follows are common complaints received through Peoria Cares reports.

A common complaint, not as as visible during winter with snow on the ground, is littering. As a reminder, Section 13-41 of the City Code prohibits the illegal dumping of litter and allows fines of up to $5,000 for littering. The City Council also adopted a new ordinance in 2017 that requires commercial businesses that serve food to have a garbage can within 10 feet of their entrance. For more information on volunteer litter efforts in the City, please visit Pick Up Peoria.

Another complaint often heard from residents regards the lack of removal of dog waste. Section 4-21 of the City Code requires dog owners to promptly remove and deposit dog waste. Picking up after your dog is a good example of how to be a good neighbor. Not picking up after your dog is unsanitary and can lead to arguments between neighbors, which can disrupt the peacefulness of a neighborhood.

If you notice properties not being maintained in your neighborhood, please submit a complaint through the City of Peoria website or the Peoria Cares App available for iPhones and Androids. You can also call 309.494-CARE. Property maintenance is a simple way to appreciate our neighborhoods and give us all more reasons to appreciate Peoria.

Click HERE for the official press release on picking up litter and dog waste.

If you have any questions about this press release, please contact Assistant Director Joe Dulin at or 309.494-8631.