On Thursday, February 22nd and Monday, February 26th, the Community Development Department held the 2018 Annual Training Session for Non-Owner Occupied Property Owners at the Peoria Civic Center.

The City of Peoria requires all non-owner occupied properties to be registered and pay an annual fee of $150 per single family home. This requirement applies to vacant residential property, rental property, and properties that are not your primary residence.

Each year, the City offers training sessions providing landlords with information on property maintenance and the real estate market as well as their legal rights and responsibilities as landlords and credit counseling. This year saw 1,250 property owners in attendance across three training sessions. Attending the Annual Training Session for Landlords and Non-Owner Occupied Property Owners reduces the registration fee to $75 per single family home

Special thanks to our guest speakers from PAAR, Prairie State Legal, and Navicore Solutions for their time and expertise.